Riverlanderer Head Journalist ‘Lance Charles’ arrested on charges of ‘telling the news the mainstream media is too scared to cover’

It’s a sad day for independent journalism today, as Lance Charles has been taken into police custody, on the alleged charges of ‘telling the news the mainstream media is too scared to cover’, and ‘being an unbiased journalist telling the truth’.

Lance Charles has been head journalist of The Riverlanderer since it’s inception in late 2019. He has dedicated his life to ensuring his hometown of The Riverland has an accurate and unbiased news source. Without The Riverlanderer, The Riverland would only have access to mainstream media outlets, which frequently lie or exaggerate the truth.

This arrest has caused international outrage, angering independent journalists from around the world. Other independent news outlets, such as The Mildurara have paid tribute to Lance, and are protesting his arrest.

Lance Charles has yet to make a public statement regarding his arrest.

The Riverlanderer will continue to update as this story develops.

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