Global shipping in chaos after houseboat blocks Murray River trading route

A disaster has unfolded at the Berri riverfront earlier this week, one which the likes of The Riverland has never experienced before. Unexpected winds have caused a large houseboat to be wedged inbetween a narrow point in the river, completely blocking both sides of river-traffic from getting through.

This particular path of the Murray River is a vital trading route, as well as receiving a lot of recreational boat users. With the route blocked off, expert economists are quoting an estimated $2,500 loss per day. Efforts are under way to dislodge the houseboat, but the Berri council warns it could be a lengthy process.

“Right now what we’re looking at is a 4-week operation. We’ve diverted all council workers to this operation, so it is our top priority. Unfortunately it’s not as easy as it looks, even with all our workers putting in full 4-hour work days.”

At least 50 boats are currently waiting to transit the Berri riverfront segment of the Murray River, with others opting to take different routes, fearing the blockage will last a lot longer.

The Riverlanderer will continue to provide updates as the story develops.

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