Interschool sport’s day to scrap winner’s trophy – opting for participation trophy for all instead

What was once a fierce competition is now being transformed into a more casual, relaxed sports day. The Interschool Sports Association has made the decision to scrap the winner’s trophy, and the concept of a ‘winner’ entirely. Instead of competiting against each other, the schools will work together to complete team-building sports activities. This change has been made after complaints from parents of non-Loxton students who are ‘sick of losing’ year after year. We spoke to one parent of a Renmark High School student for more insight:

“Every year is the same; the students train hard and get all excited for the sports day, and then just lose to Loxton, it’s not fair. Something has to be done to put a stop to this. It’s really demoralising to all the students who put in the hard work and yet leave the day with no reward. If we hand out everyone a participant medal at the end of the day, then everyone’s a winner.”

The new sport activities will include synchronized tunnelball and the 200m walk, and will be implemented in time for the 2022 Interschool Sports Day. The Interschool Sports Association is confident that this is the right decision moving forward.

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