Riverlanders struggle getting wood

In a world with 400 billion trees, obtaining wood should be an easy task, but unfortunately this is not the case. Despite its abundance, getting some solid wood takes a lot of work. Amongst the troubles are government regulations, and misinformation which has been spread around the farmers and general public. We spoke to some local woodcutters for a more indepth look into the issues.

“It’s incredibly hard to source wood because of what government departments have told farmers. There seems to be a one-way street that the locals, especially farmers, are not made aware of.”

“As a woodcutter you need to travel miles to obtain wood, and its not a easy job at all. The threats I had last year from customers to deliver because they’re cold, its never ending.”

He also spoke about concerns over the high costs of firewood.

“The prices on wood bought in from other states is astronomical, which the retailers and buyers will be hit hard, especially if its a long cold winter. I’m cheap, selling $350/ton, compared to wood brought in from interstate, which will be close to $500 – $600/ton this year.”

With a potentially cold winter ahead, now is an optimal time to stock up. It’s also a good time to think and consider the hard work that goes into every stage of the wood’s life cycle.

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