Monash Tower removal ‘an inside job’? Doubts cast over legitimacy of complaints

Last week we published an article explaining the reasonings behind the removal of the Monash Playground’s twin towers, but now all is not as it seems. New information has come to light which reveals there may be another side of it.

An anonymous whistleblower from the Monash council has informed us that there was an ulterior motive for the tower’s removal.

“It’s a sabotage. There were no parent’s complaints about the towers. These council members just wanted a legitimate reason to destroy the towers. It’s all part of a greater plot to put Monash into ruins.”

The whistleblower also went into detail on possible corruption within the council.

“These council members who voted for the demolition of the towers are fraudsters. They want to sabotage Monash because they’ve been offered positions in the Glossop council. It’s corruption all the way through. If nothing is done about them, there will be no Monash left, and all these slimeballs will be long gone, drinking champagne and eating fancy cheeses over in Glossop.”

The Riverlanderer will continue to monitor this situation as it develops further.

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