Phase 2 of Berri Riverfront Renovations Announced – More Twists and Turns

The Berri Council has today announced details into the next phase of the Berri Riverfront renovations.

“What we noticed about the road prior to upgrades, was the lack of enjoyment when driving it – just a straight road with no excitement. With the first batch of upgrades, we managed to incorporate elements such as tight turns, bumps, and visual obstruction at the intersection when cars are parked there. We hope to continue with these types of upgrades, making the riverfront road a worthwhile drive for tourists.”

“When tourists drive the riverfront we want it to be a drive to remember, and that’s not going to happen unless we continue with these upgrades.”

While the exact details of the next batch of upgrades have not been revealed, the council has announced that it will incorporate many of the elements of the first upgrade, including sharp turns, narrow points that can’t accomodate larger vehicles, and more obstructed views at intersections.

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