Push for Berri Scenic Lookout to be renamed to “something more inclusive”

The Berri Scenic Lookout may soon go by a new name, as the public expresses its desire to change the iconic tower’s title to “something more inclusive”.

On the 24th of February, the Berri Acceptance and Recognition Society (BARS) held their annual general meeting, where president Carol Waters announced that an anonymous member of the group had expressed concern over the tower’s name. After a discussion the group had agreed unanimously that the name was outdated and did not send a positive message to other Riverland towns.

“We want everyone in the Riverland to feel included”

Members of the group, adamant to help the movement along, have listed their own ideas for more suitable names for the tower:

  • Moorundie Scenic Lookout
  • Catherine Spence Lookout
  • Howard Florey Lookout
  • Riverland Scenic Lookout Tower

“We want everyone in the Riverland to feel included. The tower is the Riverland’s to enjoy, not just those from Berri”, said Carol in an interview. “We’ve pitched this on our Facebook page with over 10,000 members and the response has been very positive”.

BARS has since been in contact with the Berri-Barmera Council with the request and are hopeful they will see results within the 2021 year.

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