“Let’s start again” Renmark Riverfront to be scrapped and redone once more

The Renmark riverfront upgrade set to release this year has been scrapped and is back in the early planning stages. Afraid of not living up to expectations, the Renmark council has explained that they wish to deliver an impressive final product, and the current plans were “not looking good”.

“We want a riverfront that Renmark citizens will be proud of, and the current water park upgrade just wasn’t cutting it. We’re taking it all back, knocking it down, and going back to the drawing board. I’m confident that the Renmark residents and ratepayers don’t mind the extra cost and delay if it means a better final product.” The council spokesperson announced.

This recent decision is parallel with the Berri Riverfront remaining not fixed, the spokesperson commenting “It’s fine as it is, I don’t see a problem.”

The Renmark council is yet to announce their new plan, but have said they aim to have it all finished by mid 2024.

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