Top 3 places to stop and have a chat in The Riverland during the COVID-19 pandemic

Amongst the chaos that’s came with COVID-19, it’s still good to stop every now and then, and just catch up with your mates. Our field research team has came up with the top 3 locations in The Riverland where you can stop to have a chat.

3. In the middle of a supermarket aisle

That’s right, park your trolley to the side and stand right in the middle to have a chat, don’t worry about other shoppers, they can wait! Your conversation is more important than the meaningless material possessions people are purchasing, so wherever you are in the supermarket, just stop and have a chat!

2. Inside a small cafe or takeaway shop

Most of these places have a very small inside area, and only allow 2 or 3 people inside at once, but that’s alright! Don’t wait outside in the cold, stay inside as long as you can and have a chat. Every business loves happy customers, even if you’re preventing more customers from coming inside.

1. Anywhere you like!

On the sidewalk, at the entrance to a shop, a car park, it doesn’t matter! Even during a global pandemic, the most important thing is your right to stop wherever you want and have a conversation. Social distancing is the responsibility of other people, obviously not you, you’re special.

So go out there, have a chat!

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